This is a follow-up to an early post titled “Time for Dinner”, so do not think I am referring to commands given to someone who has given you authority.  Nope.  Tiz about Dinner. Oft it seems that The Book of BDSM says a Dominant must eventually order all meals for those in their charge, thisContinue reading “Ordering”

Punishing a Masochist

I have probably hit this subject many times before, but I was in an interesting discussion in a subreddit. It was involving the difficulties involved with punishing a masochist. I thought I would pass on some of the discussion here. “I am a strong sadist who enjoys a partner who is a strong masochist. SoContinue reading “Punishing a Masochist”

Problems with online

I saw this post on Redditt and it brought a lot of thoughts to mind. “So I’ve (23M) been dating this girl (21F) for about a year now. Our relationship has been a long distance relationship for a significant portion because of the pandemic. When we started dating my girlfriend expressed that she would likeContinue reading “Problems with online”

Old Wounds

Haven’t posted in a while.  These are strange times in which we live. I have been talking with a friend who is struggling through a difficult time in her M/s D/lg relationship.  We talked about forgiveness and moving past some things.  It made me think about what is considered appropriate for those to the rightContinue reading “Old Wounds”

Sunglasses and Cilantro

First, let me apologize to you all for the length of time since I last posted.  Much has changed in my life and the transition has not been easy.  Relationships have changed and I am sure will change again. But, as usual, I observe what goes on around me and those observations do seem toContinue reading “Sunglasses and Cilantro”

On Being Right

I am in a dialog with a gentleman who mentioned some issues beginning with a quoted statement on how a slave “will always act and respond in such a way as to make the Master’s orders look ‘right.’” This brings up conflicting views in my mind.  I will start with an example. As I enjoyContinue reading “On Being Right”

On “Me Too”

I put “Me Too” in quotes only to convey that I have not been a victim of sexual abuse, not to belittle it’s intent in any way.  My thoughts are still jumbled, but strong. This is a subject of overwhelming importance to me, to my family, to families with young children, and absolutely to thisContinue reading “On “Me Too””