Next time you go out to dinner with someone you love, as you pull out their chair and move them in, gently run your hands down each arm and softly move their hands either behind them, or if that is uncomfortable, into their lap, and whisper into their ear, “Do not move.”  They will probably respond with, “What?”  Just repeat, “Do not move” as you pat her hands.  Perhaps cover them with their napkin.

Eating this way makes the accustomed task unusual, something physical that you share together. It makes it a time of play, of closeness, of sensuality, of one taking charge, control, and using that control to serve the one you love.  It is a dance.

Order for both of you.  If they are wise, they will accept whatever you decide.  It is only one meal, after all.  Then, as you continue conversation as you normally would.  You must feed them.  You must convey each fork or spoonful to their mouth – Serve.  They must open for you – Receive.  Your timing must match – The Dance.

On the practical side, it is easier if you sit at a small table and face your partner, be careful with the beverages and don’t dress in your best.  It can be tricky.  Enjoy.

The Eroticist