It is a time when people seeking governmental office are asked to sign a Marriage Pledge which seeks to define not only who is allowed to unite in any form, civil or religious, but how they are allowed to express their love.  It is a year when former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke will go on a 25 city tour for a possible Presidential bid with the avowed goals of “the advancement of the white race and separation of the white and black races [and the] freeing of the American media and government from subservient Jewish interests.”  It is a time when we accept with a shrug statements that the deaths in the concentration camps were the results of disease or starvation but not policy; and that the diary of Anne Frank is a forgery.  It is a time when Creationism is forced into public schools, evidence for global warming is denied and governmental drug studies are funded by the manufacturers of the drugs tested.  It is a time when I remember my mother sitting day after day in front of our seven inch black and white TV watching the House Un-American Activities hearings and the Army/McCarthy trial, and her cheers as this tiny little man, Joseph Welch finally asked, “Have you no sense of decency, Sir?  At long last have you left no sense of decency?”

I think of my children and wonder who will ask that now?  What must we endure?  What demigod forcing his own agenda must come forth?  What will we condone in silence before we remember what IS possible when the American public is complacent?  If we condone the condemnation of the extremes of consentual, negotiated, and mutually requested human interaction by a few who believe that they can decide the legality of your behavior based on race, sex, religion, orientation, uneducated beliefs or unscientific opinion, then the sanctity of your home and bedroom will follow close behind.  Remember, it is a time where your privacy is only a click away, and your personal phone calls are up for the highest bidder.  “Have you no sense of decency?”  Who will ask that now?

The Eroticist