Been a hard week, as those who read consistently will know.  So my comments today will be short.  This is posted on the weekend which I usually avoid, but I have missed a lot of days this week.

I am still impressed with the video by Stuart Brown.  So I thought I would hand out some Cosmo-esque sites to get the thought process going.  You can look here, here, here, here and here.

In my search, I was dissapointed.  I found most of the games mentioned rather…well, tame.  I don’t mean that contemplating cell popping is where you should start, but I did think that something more than Truth or Dare might be in order.

There was one mention of “Be My Slave” which I thought had potential.  Obviously you will remember that everyone has a right to say No, and negotiation might be in order.  “Naked Twister” had some interest as well.  But how about something like, “Move and I Stop” where you get to do anything to your partner and they must stay still or you will stop.  Now obviously you will want to do something that they will wish you continue but might prompt them to move in some way.  If they DO move, then you stop and they have to do something to you.

There is a dinner game I mentioned previously.  Then perhaps a challenge.  Strip your partner totally naked and manipulate them to climax while they are standing in front of a window.  Now you can do that at home in front of your picture window, but I might suggest doing it perhaps in a hotel, maybe on the 20th floor.  Gives the feeling of exposure with a little more anonymity.

I would love suggestions from readers.  I promise to post all that seem healthy and affirming.

The Eroticist